Turn your phone into a game pad for your pc.

February 28, 2017
Hey! guys, it would be an amazing thing if we can make our phones into a game pad. I've come to share the good news to you that's it's really possible to do just that. Isn't it amazing?.

Before I share with you how to do that, I'll like you to know  some of the reasons why you should make your phone your game pad.

Some of the reasons are;

You have your pad anywhere you go
it would be a burden if your are travelling or going out and taking a game pad with you. If you do that it will make you look immature and not the serious type. 

But with your phone as your game pad ,you'll look mature and more "Technological type". You get it.  

Saves money
having your phone as your game pad makes it easier for you to save your cash. Most people buy game pad twice in a month or even more than that, because of fake brands everywhere.

With your phone as your pad, it saves money. Think wisely!

I would stop here explaining the benefits for you. Giving it a trial would convince you more.

So lets see how it can be done;

There are lots of applications you can use to make your phone a game pad but I'll share with you the one I'm currently using because of It's dependability.

It is called Ultimate gamePad. Check the screenshot below.

The first step is that you need to download and install the .apk file (phone application) from HERE or get it on play store. 

Note: it is also safe to download it here.

The second step is to download the .exe file (system application). It is the server that connects the phone and the PC.  Download it HERE

To connect your PC to your phone, you'll need to turn your PC into a Router i.e hotspot.
Download Connectify to turn your PC into hotspot. It is very easy to setup.

Please comment below to let us know what you think. Thanks.

E N J O Y!!!

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