Frankly speaking, we all are born with seed or seeds in us. I haven't never seen anything that God created that do no have the ability to produce. 

Even Stones are used for and in production. 
The fruits on a tree has seeds in them, the plants of the field has seeds in them, the Bird's in the air has seeds in them and even the Earth (ground) is filled with seeds. 

If this be so, and which is, how much more you? 

A human created in the image and likeness of God. 

You are loaded with seeds not seed. The seed you choose to grow and nurture becomes who and what you are. 

There are few examples of people who we can see or hear about that have manifested their seeds and there are thousand countless number of people who are dead with their seeds or still yet to discover what kind of seed is in them. 

In a person's life, there is or there must be what he or she is good about and love doing. 

For a seed to become a plant, it needs to be planted and for a plant to become a tree, it needs to be watered. 

For you to grow your seed, you need to be rooted (i.e planted) and for you to become a standing seed (a tree), you need to be watered. 

Where you plant your seed determine how rooted and fruitful you become. 

You become very green and flourishing if you are planted at the right spot, and you become brown (dry), unfruitful if you are on the wrong spot. 

Know where you stand, discover yourself and know how rooted you are by examining yourself. 

If you are not on the right spot you will not grow well. 

Position yourself in the place fit for the manifestation and growing of your seed. A good seed can only be wasted when it is thrown in a waste. Do your best and leave the rest for God. 

You will grow!

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We are created to manifest God's blessing no matter what. After God created man he blessed man, and so that gives man and enables man to shine and manifest God's blessings.

Fruitfulness is not a miracle, we are made to be fruitful. It's the one of the ultimate function you were made and designed for.

It's a glory and a must for a man to be fruitful. You're designed and born to succeed and be fruitful.

Success is a normal thing for a child of God. Do not be amazed when you see a child of God succeeding because it was ordered by God.

You're not inferior to a rich man.

A child of God is not inferior to a rich man because of the blessings of God on him. Take Joseph and Haman for example.

God's Blessings maketh rich and it adds no sorrow. Riches is another form of God's blessings.
God's blessing is a force by law, it's a supernatural force by heavenly decree, A rich man can buy a good bed but he can Never buy a sound sleep. A blessed man can sleep even on the floor and have a sound sleep.


Blessing is not all about money it's about God's pronouncement on you.

  • It brings every good things to you. It's a higher force that attracts all other little things to you. 

That you're working for somebody does not make you inferior to that person especially if he or she is an unbeliever.

Jacob and Laban as an example, ten times Laban changed Jacob's salary but he was still above Laban.
Promotion is not a miracle, it's a must for you because of God's blessings on you.

  • It's makes you to be a positively and righteously chosen even above the position you are not qualified for.

  • It causes everything in life to work for you. 

  • It causes displacement and replacement to work in your favor. Example Mordecai and Haman. 

  • It causes all things to work for your good. 

  • It turns all your mistakes to miracle 

  • It connects you to the person you need in Life. 

 How to work out God's blessing (your part)

Your relationship with God will determine your height in life. Genuine salvation. Genuine repentance from the heart.

Obedience. Partial obedience is total disobedience.

Intimacy with God. Your personal relationship with God.

Covenant compliance. Are you doing all that you promised God.

Your giving level.

Your Tithe. Are you paying your Tithe?

Correct response to Divine call and demand. Don't look at the money take care of the assignment given to you first.

 Correct response to carrier of special blessing.

Gratitude. Are you grateful for who you are and what you have? Do you appreciate it? Are you still comparing yourself to others?
 It's good to look at people at the top but don't forget that people are below you.  

Remain Blessed!

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Ignorance is the killer-Work and Pray!

It baffles and amazes me when I see or hear some people praying all day.

In the morning the are at the mountain top praying, at noon you will find them on the valley also praying then at night, they are in vigil.

I wonder how God will bless you in that state.

I know and it's very true that God is a miracle worker and it is also true that prayer is very necessary in the life of a believer.

The most beautiful thing with God is that he wants to bless us, he wants to make us great, he wants to beautiful our lives, but he can't do that on a empty ground!

You need to plant a seed and water it with prayer.

What you do is your seed, the work in your hand is the seed.

In his word, he said
 "I'll make you great I will bless the works of your hands.

Even Jesus, while he was still on earth he worked and prayed. He didn't just pray and sit. He did what was needed to be done. He did was was needed to be done.

Imagine if Jesus prayed only without doing what was sent him by God.
I wonder what our fate would have been.

Get up and work, stop being lazy. Do the needful and see God blessing you.

We all have one role or the other to complete. Yes! You have a role to complete in life that's why you are still alive here on earth. But the completion of that role and task depends on you.

work and refuse to be lazy. you can do what you really want. you are what you think you are.

God will never force you to do what you don't want to do because, he has given us the opportunity to choose and decide for ourselves.

It's better you work while it's day cos night cometh when no man can work.

Create your life, and make your life beautiful.

Try your best never to be idle.

Pray to God when you are confused.

Don't waste opportunities!


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What's poverty?

Many people will define Poverty as not having money, and they will also describe someone without money as poor.

No! That's not all to poverty!

To me,

Poverty is the state of your mind, it's your mindset.

It's the way you think, do things and even talk, not necessarily the money you have in hand.

Our Almighty Father (GOD), never made us poor but it is left for us to choose whether to be poor or to be rich.

We were loaded with great potentials, that was why God positioned us here on earth.

Some people are poor, but they don't know.

Here are some examples of someone that is poor;

  •  A person is poor when he does nothing and does anything below his potential; 
  •  A person with a bad character is poor A person telling you can't make it is poor;
  •  A person who has given up on his or herself is poor; 
  •  A person who lacks respect is poor; 
  •  A person who is in need of something is poor; 
  • A person who is always lonely is poor;
  •  A person who thinks only for the benefit of himself is poor; 
  •  A sick person is poor, because he needs healing;
  •  A person who does not care about someone else is poor; 
  •  A proud person is poor; 
  •  A deceitful person is poor; 
  •  A wicked person is poor;
  •  When you have and you cannot give, it means you are very poor; 
  • A wasteful person is poor;  
One of these definition of poverty might have referred to you and me but the good news is that, we can still become rich if we refuse to be poor.

 It is amazing to know that a single person with all this characteristics is not the poorest person. 

 But the poorest person on earth is that person that does not know God. 

 Even the richest man on earth is poor when he does not know God. 

What shall it profit a man if he has the whole world and looses his own soul. 
Imagine that! 

You have lots of cash but impossible to have yourself. 

You can't buy your soul, but you can give it away. Either you give it voluntarily or involuntary, it depends on you. 

But you must give it! It's a must!

One day you will die, then you will know how rich or poor you really are. You're really very very poor when you don't know God!

This post is not meant to scare you or make you inferior, it is meant to give you light about your decision in life. It is meant to tell you that Jesus still loves you, no matter how poor or bad you are.
You are unique in your ways, You are special the way you are! God loves you.

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Getting the best of who you're -You can make a change!

 You become what you choose to be. You're what you choose to be. It's in your ability to make life better and sweeter.

Things we do everyday give meaning to our lives and determine eventually who we are.

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Amazing Love in my Country- Make Nigeria Great!

Wow! I was very glad when I saw a scene that was not noticed by anyone except me today in Nigeria.

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Life's Lesson

Prepared to go out this morning, I am once again reminded of how personal and private this race called life is.

I got into my car, drove out, and joined the road where other cars are already travelling on.

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Interesting story from my heart

Grab a cup of coffee as you read this beautiful story that was coined from my heart..

Hope you enjoy it..

Once upon a time there was a very rare, wise and saintly rich man whose name was Hamza.

Sensing his approaching death, Hamza called his son to his side and gave him these instructions, "My son, I shall be leaving you very shortly. On the day I die and they have washed my body and shroud it, I want you to put one of my socks on my foot, burying me with it. This is my final request of you."

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Message to parents- A Very touching story from a mother.

A Very touching message...

This message was gotten originally from an interview of a mother.

I hope as you read you will get the message..😀

There were days when My home used to be filled with laughter, arguments, fights, jokes and loads of mischief.

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You are just starting life; never give up on yourself

I remembered back then in the primary school days, when it was time for writing the common entrance examination into secondary school. Those times, you would hear people (especially the grown up ones) telling you "you are just starting life".

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Wizkid Sweet Love- Official music video download

Here is the long awaited music and video of Wizkid -Sweet love. Download and enjoy..

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