Amazing Love in my Country- Make Nigeria Great!

March 19, 2017
Wow! I was very glad when I saw a scene that was not noticed by anyone except me today in Nigeria.

It might not mean anything to you but what I saw was corporation, love and patience.I was very happy that I noticed it. I never thought that such kind of love still exists between Nigerians..

OK enough or my sugar coated hand, let me tell the whole story .As an engineering student, I was at a site at the highest part of the building.

It was actually a three storey building, so I can see things most people did not see. It is a wonderful sight to behold when you are watching what is happening around you from the top.

As I was stirring around with my eyes, I saw a lady that wanted to leave a bank premises with her car. Before she could successfully do that, she have to alter the traffic of a very busy single lane road. 

And like magic, both coming and going vehicles stopped, allowed her to reverse freely without cursing and fighting her and I was like 

"Oh My God! This is beautiful".

For just one person all this cars stopped?
The traffic that was caused by this incident was very long but it was swiftly solved due to the corporation of the drivers.

Then I thought of it. If this kind of love, corporation and patience can be found daily amongst us, then 

Nigeria would be the best place to be because that's is all we need.

Nigeria would be a better place if we love each other,

Nigeria would be a better place if we are patient with each other,

Nigeria would be the best place if we want it to be,

Let's make Nigeria great!!!

One love!

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