Getting the best of who you're -You can make a change!

March 20, 2017
 You become what you choose to be. You're what you choose to be. It's in your ability to make life better and sweeter.

Things we do everyday give meaning to our lives and determine eventually who we are.

What you don't choose to do, someone else will do it.

Do what you love doing best. You're above every situation of life until you choose to be below.

Give life your best in happiness. Whatever you are doing that does not give you happiness is not meant for you and whatever thing you do that is bad and gives you happiness will destroy you unknowingly.

Do the right thing that makes you happy.

Life's not complicated but it's because we make it complicated.

God planned life for us to be together not separated! In our ignorance we destroyed the connection between us and God. We are given a second chance but we're are messing up.

The truth is that we still have chance to change things, no matter how old or young you're, no matter how you must have messed up, You can make a change.

Do the good things you love doing best. Leave the past behind you and focus on your goal.

Surround yourself with people that makes you smile, think good about people, live everyday like the last.

Never give up on your dreams, you are made for who you're!

Most importantly, know God. In him only you will find rest. He said in his word;

"come unto me all ye that labor and heavy laden and I'll give you rest" it's easy and complicated.

It's easy when you choose to accept but complicated when you think you don't need him. The sincere truth of my life is that I'm always at peace cos I know someone cares for me.

Just try it. Give it a try!

Just say Jesus come into my life, I need you come and be the Lord of my Life in Jesus name Amen.

Check your life Amazing isn't it? It's not magic it's real continue in this you'll continue to have an amazing experience.

Your life would begin to have a meaning, and you will see what you are made for.

Now you can make a change!

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