Life's Lesson

March 13, 2017

Prepared to go out this morning, I am once again reminded of how personal and private this race called life is.

I got into my car, drove out, and joined the road where other cars are already travelling on.

Lesson number 1: We don't all have the same entry point into life.

As I kept on driving, I overtook some other cars, while other cars also overtook me.

Lesson number 2: We won't travel through life at the same speed because we're not meant to go at the same speed.

As I moved on, I tried overtaking another car. As I was about overtaking, the car diverted to a bend.

Lesson number 3:  Your destination is different from your fellow brothers.

We are on this journey called life. We enter at different points in time and exit at another different point.

One thing is clear: we will all exit this life's road at an uncertain point in time.

Whatever you choose to do with your life is up to you. Whether short or long life, live life to it's best, take it simple. Let love fill your heart and share happiness. All that We work for will one day be involuntarily forgotten. And for sure we would receive the rewards of our deed when we were living in time.

Your car has sides view mirror and a rear-view mirror. You use both to see the sides and the back of your car respectively. Other cars will be behind you, while others may be beside you for a while.

But you know how dangerous it is to spend time looking at these mirrors; they will distract you. That is why your car has got a large windshield\screen in front of you.

It gives you the biggest view of the potential in front of you and the resources you are yet to attain.

Don't spend precious time looking at your back to see those who are pursuing you, or looking at your side to see those who are trying to overtake you. Keep your eyes focused and your heart dedicated to God.

When the uncertain time comes, you would have lived a fulfilled life. I

I humbly pray God to bless and help you as you run this race called LIFE.

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