June 01, 2017
We are created to manifest God's blessing no matter what. After God created man he blessed man, and so that gives man and enables man to shine and manifest God's blessings.

Fruitfulness is not a miracle, we are made to be fruitful. It's the one of the ultimate function you were made and designed for.

It's a glory and a must for a man to be fruitful. You're designed and born to succeed and be fruitful.

Success is a normal thing for a child of God. Do not be amazed when you see a child of God succeeding because it was ordered by God.

You're not inferior to a rich man.

A child of God is not inferior to a rich man because of the blessings of God on him. Take Joseph and Haman for example.

God's Blessings maketh rich and it adds no sorrow. Riches is another form of God's blessings.
God's blessing is a force by law, it's a supernatural force by heavenly decree, A rich man can buy a good bed but he can Never buy a sound sleep. A blessed man can sleep even on the floor and have a sound sleep.


Blessing is not all about money it's about God's pronouncement on you.

  • It brings every good things to you. It's a higher force that attracts all other little things to you. 

That you're working for somebody does not make you inferior to that person especially if he or she is an unbeliever.

Jacob and Laban as an example, ten times Laban changed Jacob's salary but he was still above Laban.
Promotion is not a miracle, it's a must for you because of God's blessings on you.

  • It's makes you to be a positively and righteously chosen even above the position you are not qualified for.

  • It causes everything in life to work for you. 

  • It causes displacement and replacement to work in your favor. Example Mordecai and Haman. 

  • It causes all things to work for your good. 

  • It turns all your mistakes to miracle 

  • It connects you to the person you need in Life. 

 How to work out God's blessing (your part)

Your relationship with God will determine your height in life. Genuine salvation. Genuine repentance from the heart.

Obedience. Partial obedience is total disobedience.

Intimacy with God. Your personal relationship with God.

Covenant compliance. Are you doing all that you promised God.

Your giving level.

Your Tithe. Are you paying your Tithe?

Correct response to Divine call and demand. Don't look at the money take care of the assignment given to you first.

 Correct response to carrier of special blessing.

Gratitude. Are you grateful for who you are and what you have? Do you appreciate it? Are you still comparing yourself to others?
 It's good to look at people at the top but don't forget that people are below you.  

Remain Blessed!

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