March 31, 2017
Frankly speaking, we all are born with seed or seeds in us. I haven't never seen anything that God created that do no have the ability to produce. 

Even Stones are used for and in production. 
The fruits on a tree has seeds in them, the plants of the field has seeds in them, the Bird's in the air has seeds in them and even the Earth (ground) is filled with seeds. 

If this be so, and which is, how much more you? 

A human created in the image and likeness of God. 

You are loaded with seeds not seed. The seed you choose to grow and nurture becomes who and what you are. 

There are few examples of people who we can see or hear about that have manifested their seeds and there are thousand countless number of people who are dead with their seeds or still yet to discover what kind of seed is in them. 

In a person's life, there is or there must be what he or she is good about and love doing. 

For a seed to become a plant, it needs to be planted and for a plant to become a tree, it needs to be watered. 

For you to grow your seed, you need to be rooted (i.e planted) and for you to become a standing seed (a tree), you need to be watered. 

Where you plant your seed determine how rooted and fruitful you become. 

You become very green and flourishing if you are planted at the right spot, and you become brown (dry), unfruitful if you are on the wrong spot. 

Know where you stand, discover yourself and know how rooted you are by examining yourself. 

If you are not on the right spot you will not grow well. 

Position yourself in the place fit for the manifestation and growing of your seed. A good seed can only be wasted when it is thrown in a waste. Do your best and leave the rest for God. 

You will grow!

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