What's poverty?

March 24, 2017

Many people will define Poverty as not having money, and they will also describe someone without money as poor.

No! That's not all to poverty!

To me,

Poverty is the state of your mind, it's your mindset.

It's the way you think, do things and even talk, not necessarily the money you have in hand.

Our Almighty Father (GOD), never made us poor but it is left for us to choose whether to be poor or to be rich.

We were loaded with great potentials, that was why God positioned us here on earth.

Some people are poor, but they don't know.

Here are some examples of someone that is poor;

  •  A person is poor when he does nothing and does anything below his potential; 
  •  A person with a bad character is poor A person telling you can't make it is poor;
  •  A person who has given up on his or herself is poor; 
  •  A person who lacks respect is poor; 
  •  A person who is in need of something is poor; 
  • A person who is always lonely is poor;
  •  A person who thinks only for the benefit of himself is poor; 
  •  A sick person is poor, because he needs healing;
  •  A person who does not care about someone else is poor; 
  •  A proud person is poor; 
  •  A deceitful person is poor; 
  •  A wicked person is poor;
  •  When you have and you cannot give, it means you are very poor; 
  • A wasteful person is poor;  
One of these definition of poverty might have referred to you and me but the good news is that, we can still become rich if we refuse to be poor.

 It is amazing to know that a single person with all this characteristics is not the poorest person. 

 But the poorest person on earth is that person that does not know God. 

 Even the richest man on earth is poor when he does not know God. 

What shall it profit a man if he has the whole world and looses his own soul. 
Imagine that! 

You have lots of cash but impossible to have yourself. 

You can't buy your soul, but you can give it away. Either you give it voluntarily or involuntary, it depends on you. 

But you must give it! It's a must!

One day you will die, then you will know how rich or poor you really are. You're really very very poor when you don't know God!

This post is not meant to scare you or make you inferior, it is meant to give you light about your decision in life. It is meant to tell you that Jesus still loves you, no matter how poor or bad you are.
You are unique in your ways, You are special the way you are! God loves you.

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