You are just starting life; never give up on yourself

March 08, 2017

I remembered back then in the primary school days, when it was time for writing the common entrance examination into secondary school. Those times, you would hear people (especially the grown up ones) telling you "you are just starting life".

In my mind, I said “hmmm this one is not serious at all o". Amidst all my playing and going to school and getting some lashes on my buttock, you're saying I'm just starting life. Lol let's wait and see what's more to life.

The common entrance examination was a beautiful thing for me because I passed. I wasn't so scared of the exam because I believed I cannot fail. When I heard that I was admitted into the secondary school, I was like OMG! I'm now a big boy (not knowing that I'm just starting life).

The tailor who sewed my pants (trousers) measured me but I think the materials were in excess, so he added extra material and made it bigger, mtchewww… I was so furious with the tailor, but as you know there are other tailors elsewhere. So I took my uniform, went to my own special tailor and slim fitted it to my taste. It was then my mind was now at rest.

They said I was just starting life, so I thought “I need to start life beautifully”. I ironed (pressed) my uniform to my taste and I made sure that there is gator (a thin straight line) on my trousers.
On arrival to my new school that morning, I was so happy.

I saw new faces everywhere and of course my old friends. We all behaved ourselves to the fullest, we made sure we forgot the primary school behavior at home. Later, we were all directed to the school hall for the welcoming address and an introduction to the staff of the school.

The principal gave the welcoming address and when she was about to round up her speech, she said “congratulations to you all, for starting a new phase of life”.

Wow! It dawned on me; life is in phases, we all are running our race at the pace we find ourselves. Whatever we give life, it gives back to us. Whatever you sow you will reap.
Until we die, we are just starting life because every day of our lives we are learning new things. New things we learn today gives us experience of the past and how to live in the future.

No matter how old you are as long as you are still on planet earth “you are just starting life”
Give life the best you can, do your best to give the best you can. Never give up on yourself, because you are what you say you are.

There is no shortcut to happiness. It comes in what you do. If you choose to live life happily, you will end up making people happy around you.
No matter how strong the tide, no matter how burdened you are and no matter how dark it seems around you; hold onto something. But I will advise you to hold onto God.

Life only has starting point and ending point. Between the two point is you. -yinka

This article is written to encourage you and to make you see each day an opportunity to succeed. 
No part of this write up should be copied for any purpose without the writers consent. Contact us to know more. 

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