Download Travis Greene-MADE A WAY

April 15, 2017
This is an old song, but it  has been and still a blessing to me, that is why I want to share it with my friends who don't have it yet so I can allow you get your own blessing from it.

Made a way is an inspirational song that tells you about the greatness of God and the wonders he has performed.

In this song, Greene made mention of the doings of God in his life and shared his testimonies to the great audience with him.

From the song once heard, it would remind you about the miracles God has done in your life.

It will also make you know that God is still God, he remains the same yesterday, today and forever.

Indeed God is awesome in his ways. His ways are unsearchable, he is unpredictable. He makes way through the sea, he brings water in the desert. He fed five thousand (still counting) people with just five loaves of bread and two fishes, he turned water into wine.

Have you ever how God is great?

God has made a way in several situations you know or you don't know.

Where you are presently is just a starting point of the doings of God in your life.

If you seems not to have anything to thank God for, thank God for the life that you have because many were not privileged to see this day and I know for sure that the reason why you and me is still alive is that He has a plan for us and HE is gonna MAKE A WAY!!!

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