Ceremony Without Injury- Advice on a Ceremony

May 11, 2017
In every ceremony there's a casting down and a lifting up. You may have plenty to serve in a ceremony but those helping you serve may ruin the service. Gen 40: 20, Dan 5:1, Esther 1: 11-12

One of the ways to show that you are rich is through a ceremony.

Before embarking on any kind of ceremony, let us ask for the pattern on how the ceremony should be done. No ceremony is compulsory, it is not a must to celebrate every single success you have and and you will not be arrested for it.

There's no small ceremony and there's no big ceremony, a ceremony is a ceremony.
Before you embark on any ceremony pray.

In every ceremony the lord is looking at your MOTIVE. The motive behind what you are celebrating really matters to God. Is it to show off and to please men? or is it to show that prove that you have money and you have arrived?

God is merciful yes!!! but i don't think that he will protect you from things you never acknowledge him for.

Wealth is living in extra. And when extra comes people do celebrate- easily 1 Chro. 5:1-2.
For every ceremony, focus on God. Any ceremony that is focused on man carries injury.

History don't repeat itself, men repeat history.

When you are having your ceremony, serve the right person. Serve the elders, service your pastor, Matt 10:21, serve the Alter. Make Proper arrangement before any ceremony, don't fear and don't be foolish. Ceremony is not a time to display your children.

In your ceremony, give to the poor.  Pray and pray, and pray. Pray against error,  Pray against manipulation and witchcraft. Pray against accident.

When you're preparing, pray for your job, health etc. Bind the principality of the environment. Bind the spirit of misunderstanding. Watch your mouth 👄. Get somebody that will be cautioning you by your side. If possible get a PA.

I pray and hope that this piece of advice would strengthen our mind.

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