Made for Wealth! You are Rich!

May 13, 2017
Everything you need to be wealthy is in you and all around you. The earth is full of wealth and that makes us all to be born into wealth.

During the foundation of the universe, everything that we need to survive was created and we were given the ability to search and discover them and in turn, turn them into success.
Let’s take this example to illustrate more on it.

There was a very powerful man, he has a very large piece of land. In the land, there are different treasures located at different corners and at different part of the land. The land was so big that the man said to himself; I have the ability to make beautiful and wonderful people that can take care of this place as much as I do. So he made human and deposited in them different gifts, abilities and talents. The man was so happy with what he has created and he yielded all the piece of land including the treasures to human.  Then he said to them be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. And then, he gave them dominion over everything on the surface and in the land, and even in the sea.

Hope that was an exciting and explanatory example. The powerful man in that example is God, and the human there is me and you. We were created into this land for a purpose. We all have different abilities and talents deposited to make life meaningful for us and those around us. All what we need is to know what we are made for, and discover, and explore the treasures.

Being prosperous does not answer to prayer, but it answers to the inspiration and revelation of God’s word in us.
Take for example fire; God didn’t create fire, but he deposited in man the ability to make fire.
And, when the need aroused for man to use fire, the ability of God in man was quickened, and man
discovered how to make fire.

Man was not created by God to possess wealth, but man was created to make wealth. Because, all precious in the earth are hidden and we are to search and discover them and turn them into wealth.
Take in mind that you are special and created with unique abilities and talents embedded in you. Your root is not connected to poverty, you have the ability to make wealth, and you have the ability to make things work for you.

Also note that, this earth was given to you, to find and discover all hidden treasures in them. There is no restriction to your discovery, and there is no limitation to your success. How successful you are depends on how you use the God given and deposited abilities in you.

Amazingly, the more you search, the more you find and the more you find, the more you know about the ability in you. Remember, the God given abilities in you does not have a boundary, never underestimate yourself, you are unique and created into wealth. Find and discover them!!!

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