Sad But True- The Bitter Truth 2

June 05, 2017
Hope you all had great time reading through #sadbuttrue 1. This is the second part which is the final.

I hope you like it and learn something important from It.

1. Many people will celebrate you only as long as your advancement doesn't exceed their expectations of you. #SadButTrue 

2. Some people get close enough to you just to find something bad about you to broadcast to the world. #SadButTrue 

3. Some people are quiet when you're succeeding but quick to point out your failures. #SadButTrue 

4. Some people are in your life for a reason. Some people in your life would prefer to see you in prison. #SadButTrue 

5. Love your enemies. Pray for them that despitefully use you. That hasn't changed. #SadButTrue 

6. Hating those who hate you makes them your leaders, since you're following their footsteps. #SadButTrue 

7. Rather than react to the situation. Respond to your revelation. #SadButTrue

8. When people show you who they REALLY are, show them who God is- Good! Always do them good. #SadButTrue 

9. We don't do to people what they've done to us. We do to them what God's done to us. We love them. #SadButTrue 

10. Believe the best even when you're going through the worst. #SadButTrue 

11. Keeping a grudge is like keeping garbage you can't use, yet it's taking up space and no one is paying you rent. #SadButTrue 

12. Malice is a demonstration of your faith in the pain caused you in the past. It keeps you stuck. #SadButTrue 

13. Rather than perpetuate pain. Promote peace, stir up joy and spread love. #SadButTrue 

14. They hurt you?Don't hold it against them. Hold them up in prayer. #SadButTrue

15. Some people may think this post is targeted at them. No. Everyone alive will need one of the points at some point. #SadButTrue 

16. Forgiving people is not just a good idea. It's a GOD idea. Actually, more than an idea. It's an instruction. #SadButTrue 

17. How you respond to a situation can be more important than the situation. #SadButTrue 

18. Your ability to overlook an offense determines the degree of dominion you'd exercise over many other things. #SadButTrue 

19. Wisdom will help you solve problems. A large heart will help you accommodate people. You need both. #SadButTrue 

20. When all is said and done, let the love of God in your heart pour through your daily walk. Peace to you. #SadButTrue

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