Tips for living a happy life πŸ’ͺ

  • Take everyday as an opportunity to live and have a better life. Each day we live on earth is a gift from God to cherish and enjoy. 

  • Whatever you do today will in turn, determine how you live tomorrow. There is no shortcut to happiness. The choice you choose in life will determine your happiness. 

  • Let your thinking and mindset be positive towards every day. Do what you love doing best and never underrate yourself. You will never know your full capability and potential until you give something a trial. You will live life better, if you take challenges as a challenge that you need to face but not as a problem that you can't solve.

  • Never let any challenge get the best of you, never let anyone determine your mood. Let the choice you choose be happiness. Smile in the face of challenges to put the challenge into confusion. In all, when things are not rosy, when things are not shinning, when things do not go the way you expect them to go; leave everything to God because he is there with you even in the face of every challenge. 

  • Smile a lot and make people smile😊 because it will help you live younger and longer. For you to make your environment a happy πŸ˜€ place, you yourself needs to be a happy person. Things would never be easy until you decide that they are.

  • Never try to impress anyone except yourself Laugh like you don't care and be strong always Sometimes, life seems so sweet and most times, it looks so difficult. In Every situation, give thanks to God because you are better than someone out there.  

Your time is different from mine, be patient for your time Try as much to be happy even as you try to make others happy.

     You can live a happy life <<<<>>>>



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