The last stand- eternity

This is a short text to remind you and ask you; where will you spend your eternity.
This post is not to scare us or make us feel inferior.

Truly, there is life after death. Our life here on earth determines our final destination in eternity. The way we choose to live here on earth determines how we live in eternity.

Most of us were very vibrant for God doing our service  diligently, but it seems now we are getting weaker and timid.

Most of us are trying all our possible best to serve God but it seems it's not working out.

Or maybe some of us are completely lost in the world trying to find our way back but it seems impossible.

I just want to use this medium to tell you to stop trying but submit and give yourself willingly to God.
He knows who you are, He knows your frame and he knows your capability.
All you just need to do is to surrender yourself to him and let him take control over your life, and you will be amazed how things will change.

"come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest"

Surrender your self to God through our lord Jesus Christ, ask him to take over your life and give you the grace to serve him. -Yes you can.

Use your time wisely on earth and live a better life in eternity.

NB:This post is not to scare us or make us feel inferior.


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