Be Thankful, Don't be Ungrateful

Sometimes, we just feel weird and broken down. There are even sometimes we feel useless about ourselves. And even most times, when things are not going the way we want it to be we become sad forgetting the good that has happened to us in time past.

I am using this medium to tell you to ''STOP IT!''. Stop that bad attitude of complaining, desist from that ungrateful addiction. Don't let situations decide how how you're handled, but you decide how you handle situation. You might say it's not easy, but have you given it a try?

Come to think of it. There are billions of people out there that sincerely would love to be in your situation. Sincerely speaking, there are people who just want to wake up and smile, there are people who want someone to laugh with, there are people that even want someone to shout at and shout with.
No, don't be ungrateful.

Know this. As long as you are still living on planet earth you have a purpose. You have a wound to heal, you have a business to start, you have a smile to give and you have a life to live. Stop living your life in regret, you are special and unique, don't give up easily.

You should be grateful for where you are. Circumstances and situations happen to shape you up and let you know the kind of person you really are. You might think you are suffering or you are not fulfilled, but the joy of living is to live life.

I have come to know that the way we handle things and situations, determines the level of peace we get from that situation.

I've tried all my best to say that I am not a failure even in the depth and corners of failure -cos I'm a success

I've tried all my best never to be sad -cos I want to be happy

I've tried all my best not to sink -cos I want to rise

I've tried all my best to be thankful always -cos I want to be thankful always

and I've tried all my best never to give up -cos I'm not a loser.........

What have you tried your best for?

Are you still trying or have you given up?

Remember, the joy in living is to live life!

Be thankful always. Be thankful for who you are, for where you are, for the bright future ahead of you, be thankful for the life you have and more importantly, BE THANKFUL TO GOD!



If you like this post, kindly comment what you think and feel. Thanks.๐Ÿ’ƒ

If you like this post, kindly comment what you think and feel. Thanks.

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