Healthy Relationship, Key to Healthy Living

Isaiah 46:10-13
In this life, there is a vital thing you need  to know about your destiny. It is that, you are connected to someone out there for the fulfillment of your life. That is to say, somebody or so many people are attached to your life; they are relevant for you to live a fulfilled life
You can't  fulfill the purpose for your life alone. Our destinies are tied to one another.

You might say no! i have all the money i can, i don't need anyone. 
Let's take for example,
Imagine someone with great ideas and with plenty of money. This person has an idea to start a company, a business or an enterprise.
Then he says to himself; I have all the money i need to start, i don't need anyone. 
Can you Imagine that?
Imagine how to planning would go, imagine speed at which the setting up would go.
To me I don't think that is ever possible.

Your fulfillment in life depends on someone. Someone around you, someone closer to you,  someone far away from you.
You need somebody for that dream of yours to come thru,
You need somebody for that plan of yours to go the right way
There's someone out there that's connected to your destiny

Romans 12:18
Note: As long as you have life in you, if possible, live in peace with all men.
If it is POSSIBLE,  live in peace with Everyone you come across,  because you might not know if you are in dispute with that person attached to your life. Let your attitude be positive towards everyone you come across. As I usually say,  Attitude determines your altitude.

You might not know where your help would come from. Don't ever underestimate anyone because he/she might be the person for you.

How do we maintain a healthy relationship?
1 peter 3:8
  1. Forgive
  2. The ultimate secret to live in peace is Forgiveness. Other things are necessary also but forgiveness should be greatly emphasized. No doubt! you will surely be offended and you must be offended, but the great way of forgiving someone is

    Forgive anyone even before they offend you

    If you have this in mind you wouldn't be so shocked if you are betrayed or offended by someone you so love and trust. It's very essential.

  3. Make things right 
  4. If you make things right, your right would surely be yours. strive to do good and make people smile. It doesn't matter how little it is, but what matters most is the impact you make.

  5. Love always
  6. No matter how injured and broken hearted you are, let love fill your heart. Show love to that your neighbor nextdoor, show love to your wife and children, show love to your parents, show love to your colleagues at work and show love to everyone around you. Let love be part and parcel of your daily routine. By doing this, you're adding value to your live, to someone's life and making the world a better place.
    Note: Let your relationship not be based on gift but on love

  7. Have Sympathy for Others 
  8. Many people would say that they don't need you to sympathize them. Not that they are, but they feel that they are strong and they can face situations alone. But deep down inwards, they need someone to tell them that it is well. They need someone by their sides, they need sympathy. When somebody tells you that he or she does not need you, don't shout and fight with that person because at that moment he is in a different state of confusion and he needs time to think. Give it time.

  9. Be courteous. Have respects for other and don't be proud.

  10. Be humble in any position you find 🔍 yourself
  11. .
  12. Don't render evil for evil. If it is possible follow peace with all men.  Discard the thought of revenge for others.

  13. Do good always. Seek peace and continue with it.

  14. Be loyal, be faithful and be honest.

  15. Understand people  Try as much as possible to put your legs in the shoes of others and don't look at things from one angle. Let others give their opinion and don't shut them down.
Your relationship would be stronger by the character you show to others.
You might as well have difficulties in your past or present relationship. Check your life, you might be deficient in some ways. And if you are not, correct other with love and in love.

Live Healthy!

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